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This free tool can make windows automatically align next to each other
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Ivan Heckman

allSnap is a small and free program that makes all the windows on your desktop align next to each other as you saw windows doing in applications like Winamp or Photoshop. This perfect alignment is called “snapping” as it is performed instantly and without requiring the users to perform the thorough work of dragging the borders of the windows until they are even.

allSnap is very simple, small and lightweight. This neat application will reside unobtrusively in the tray area and allows toggling between enabling and disabling the windows “snapping” with just one mouse click. Though very small and simple, it also offers some handy additional options, such as enabling snapping to grid or controlling the status of the application’s sounds.

It is also very easy-to-use, as it allows quickly enabling or disabling the “snapping” just by holding a key pressed while moving the windows around. By default, this key is ALT, but it can be changed according to users’ will.

In conclusion, allSnap is simple, free and it represents a handy solution for anyone willing to be able to quickly snap windows around.

Margie Smeer
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  • Very neat and lightweight
  • Free
  • Allows toggling the "snapping" with just the use of a key


  • Can (rarely) cause system crashes as it makes use of the window hooking technique
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